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WHO Is Hoodoo prophetess Akasha Laurae?

Prophetess Akasha Laurae is a creole black magic witch doctor, root worker, and necromancer  that practice a combination of traditional southern hoodoo, new Orleans voodoo, native american rituals, rootwork, and a various of afrifcan spiritual traditions such as haitian vodou, brazillian voodoo, and is initiated into  palo mayombe. Her magic is like a spicey gumbo....made the right way! she is the realest southern Hoodoo Worker that you will find in the south with  over 15 years experience in spell casting.  she has successfully helped people with love and relationships, prosperity, good luck, protection, justice, revenge, etc. 


How did Prophetess Akasha become a Powerful Spell caster?

she started as a young child, raised by her creole mother in a country town on the outside of Atlanta Georgia, and frequently visited her grandmother in New Orleans, Louisianna that practiced voodoo, traditional hoodoo, and santeria.

she would watch the two very powerful crones do they're witchcraft, and cook up spells, mix special magical herbs and recipes, animal sacrifice to the spirits, and conjure powerful spirits at the cemetery.


prophetess Akasha Lauraewould assist her mother and grandmother with small workings as a young child, and learned the family's tradition and secret magical recipes that have been preserved and past down from generations.

prophetess Akasha Laurae became more advanced as she got older and used black magic spells to improve all areas in her own personal life, and for her friends and family. others in the community begin to recognize how powerful prophetess Akasha Laurae is, and she became high demand in her town.

Before her grandmother left the earth plane, she told prophetess  that it is time to do what she was put here to do. 

prophetess Akasha Laurae began to cast black magic spells for her local community, and now she has expanded to the internet to help others all around the world to improve they're lives and grant they're desires.

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